Network Launch: 27 September

We’re ready to launch our full Malgra Plus offer on 27 September, ahead of schedule and with the full range of services ready to go.

For our Beta testers, this is a major point for us and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our consultant beta testers who have been checking out different parts and features of our new networked sites over the past few weeks.

Live from 27 September, Malgra Plus includes:

  • Consultant Facebook Group
  • Full access to the Tax Knowledge Base
  • Tax Spreadsheets to download
  • Documents Store for new downloads (being added to weekly)
  • Tax Return Preparation Documents
  • No advertisements on Malgra websites
  • Help and Support through Live Chat

And coming soon:

  • eLearning System Access* – due winter 2019
  • Consultant Websites (Microsite Plus) – due 2020
  • Malgra eAccounts system – expected 2020

Once again, a big thank you to the beta testers who have been checking through our code and systems to ensure they’re ready for launch. Welcome!