New Features and Updates – January 2020

This January, a number of new minor changes are happening around the Malgra Network.

This page covers most of the changes which you’ll see.

As always, if you have any queries do get in touch with our friendly team.

Key changes/new features covered in this article:

  • eLearning System Launched
  • New Dashboard screen
  • Online Spreadsheets


eLearning System Launch – 31 December 2019

On 31 December, we launched our first eLearning course, ‘Last Minute SA100 Tax Return’, designed to provide consultants with an overview of how to preapre for their tax return (especially if they’ve left things to the last minute). The course became available on New Years’ Eve and in the first week has been accessed and started by over 50% of our member base.

Online course screenshot – Income Sources

28 people have completed the full short course already within the first week of launch, and the programme takes around 30 minutes in total to finish. There are useful downloads and additional resources provided during the course to help consultants get ready for submitting their returns.


New Dashboard Screens

We’re releasing new Malgra Network Dashboard screens in mid January which are designed to help you access your benefits quicker than before.

New Dashboard from mid January 2020

The new screen allows for easy access to our spreadsheets, message centres and documents. If you’re a Malgra Plus member, you’ll have access to all of the screens, if you’re a Free member, you’ll have limited access to the benefits relevant to your subscription

Changes to the dashboard is following feedback from our members, and we hope the new screen will help you navigate our website as we add more features


Online Spreadsheets

We first launched our consultant spreadsheet several years ago, and following several changes to the spreadsheet, it’s become a valuable tool for completing the required paperwork for your tax return. However, the spreadsheet has complex calculations, and therefore only works on modern spreadsheet and office systems, such as Microsoft Office. This has caused a minor issue for consultants who rely on their Slimming World laptops or tablets as their only internet/computer access.

From mid January, we’ll be launching our Online Malgra Cloud Spreadsheet which will enable you to access a secure portal where your spreadsheet can be accessed online through any modern browser (such as Google Chrome). The system will also enable our support teams to help where possible should you encounter any issues with your accounts.

Malgra Cloud Spreadsheet homepage

Using the system, your spreadsheet will be the latest version, secured by Microsoft Office and hosted on the cloud. You can access anywhere you wish, using your Malgra Network account. Spreadsheets will be available to all Malgra Plus members, and during busy periods, may take up to 24 hours to generate and be ready for use.

In the near future, our team may be able to offer Tax Return Submission from the information provided, we’ll update you if this becomes available.

Malgra Online Spreadsheet


In December, we asked for feedback for the new features in the spreadsheet for 2020/21. We’ll be announcing more on these in early February. The new features will be available online very shortly..

Wishing you all the best for January 2019

~ Team Malgra