SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) Update

Strong Customer Authentication (Known as SCA) is a new piece of regulation which takes effect from 14 September 2019, and requires merchants (people who sell online) to use multiple methods of verifying customers’ identities.

This means, when you purchase something online through a UK based business, the payment processing part of the order will need to undergo further checks before being approved.

Many organisations have moved to this – you may receive a ‘push message’ on your mobile phone from your bank when paying for services or products online, or required to input a code.

Malgra Store Purchases

Our payments processor for Malgra Store purchases (either PayPal or Stripe Digital, depending on your location/status) is ready for SCA and is already live.

You may be asked to confirm your purchase details with your bank, using either 3D secure or an alternative system, depending on your bank (e.g. such as a text message confirmation).

MalgraBooks Packages

A small number of clients who currently pay for their packages through recurring card payment may be required to re-input their details into a new secure portal, or provide additional authentication elements as required by your bank. If you’re affected, our team have been in contact with you already.

If you pay for your package with a card agreement, and your monthly price changes (such as from an upgrade or downgrade), you’ll need to re-authenticate your details.

MalgraBooks has been fully live since 1 July 2019 with this new regulation for new clients and renewals. If you pay for your services by credit/debit card, or by recurring card payments, you’ll automatically be subjected to this additional security on your account.