Latest Network Updates

Network status

Use our network status check to keep tabs on any faults, maintenance or any updates which are happening across the Malgra Network.

If you’re having problems with a product or service, and the issue isn’t listed below, please contact us.


Latest updates on Covid-19 are below:

Consultant Support

Updates on support available self employment is available within your Malgra Account Dashboard. You can view here, or register for a free account.

Please post any updates or queries within our new community forums available from within your Malgra Account.

Changes to our support

We are experiencing a delay of approximately 7 working days for the below services:

  • Facebook Messenger queries
  • Email Support
  • MalgraBooks Document Processing


Scheduled Maintenance

No maintenance is scheduled at this time. The below services are working normally.

Malgra Network

  • Network Homepage
  • My Account
  • Subscription Manager
  • Group Directory
  • Download Server
  • Knowledge Base
  • eLearning System
  • Malgra Plus Services and Support



  • MalgraBooks Website
  • Client Portal
  • Client Billing System
  • Client Support System


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